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the invisuals


"the invisuals" is a work which has two main layers: the aesthetic and the political. The photographs were created from The thought an image has a subconscious of its own and a digital file  will never be a material or a final product and can be changed through the translation modes and thus produce a new aesthetic representations sellers. invisual means beyond sight And that these photos are trying to show what can not be seen and thereby questioning the obvious and lose control of the Image.

Changing modes of translation in this work is implemented by converting photographs to sound file via bit-map (Neutral File). the Softwares Timeline produces sound that leaves a residue of the original image and playing it.  other works in the show all different kinds of translations.

the Subjects selected for the  work are archaeological and historical sites that were created from the canonical laws of aesthetics Demanding classical Plato and Aristotle and fascist ideologies served. Political confrontation in front of the aesthetic produces Questions about representation and the race of man versus nature in order to achieve mimesis.  the invisual tranform the physical to meta-

Physical, material and anti-material, the known becomes the unknown even though the residues from the original image.



עידן גור, נירנברג (ניצחון הרצון 2), המרת וידאו לסאונד, 76 סמ X 200 סמ,  הדפס דיו
עידן גור, מצדה, המרת תמונה לסאונד, 100 סמ X 235 סמ, הדפס דיו ארכיוני, 2013.jpg
עידן גור, כל המוחות הגדולים נראים אותו דבר, מונטאז' דיגיטאלי, הקרנה 55 ,
Untitled-1 copy.JPG
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